Hair Extensions Explained!

If you are one of the many people out there wishing you had longer or thicker hair, there is a safe and relatively quick way to get it – hair extensions! In one installation appointment, you can have the thick or long hair of your dreams. No need for “magic” vitamin pills or months or years of waiting for your hair to grow out.

Ben Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill Vaughan

Why get hair extensions?

Hair extensions can be used to add volume, length, or both. We have clients with shoulder length hair that want extensions for some added body and movement to their hair.

Hair extensions are also another great way to add lighter colours to your hair for a highlighted, balayage or ombre look without committing to bleaching your hair. Extensions are also available in bright, funky, fun high-fashion colours for those of you who want to add some playful peek-a-boos without the maintenance required with lightening and colouring your hair.

Ben Secrets Hair Extensions Explained

Many hair extension clients also choose to have hair extensions installed so that they can have long hair while their own natural hair is growing out with the extensions.

We use only high-quality 100% human hair extensions in our salon, purchased locally. Because the extensions are human hair, you can wash them, brush and style them just like you would your own hair. When installed and removed by a professional, hair extensions are safe and do not damage the hair.

There are two types of hair extensions that we offer at Ben Secrets Studio: fusion extensions and tape extensions.

Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions are our favourite! They are securely applied to strands of your natural hair using a keratin bond. Keratin is the protein that your hair is made of, so these keratin bonds are also very safe for your hair.

Ben Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill Vaughan

The bonds in keratin extensions are small and so they can be placed very accurately and discreetly hidden. Fusions provide a very nice blended look. The bonding method is also very secure, lasting 3 months without salon maintenance. Clients will typically keep the same fusions in their hair for 3-4 months until they have grown out with their hair and require a new fresh, set.

Ben Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill Vaughan

Keratin extensions cost less than tape extensions, but they are one-time use.

Our fusion extensions come in a range of 14-22” and in a variety of textures (straight, body wave and Spanish wave).

Ben Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill VaughanBen Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill VaughanBen Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill Vaughan

Tape Extensions

Surgical grade adhesive tape is used to apply strips of tape hair extensions in your hair. This tape causes no damage to your hair.

As long as you take care of the hair in your extensions, tape hair extensions can be removed and reapplied 2-3 times in a process called a move up. Move ups are recommended every 6 -9 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows and how well you adhere to post-care instructions. The tape extensions cost a little bit more than fusion extensions during the first installation, but will cost a little less in subsequent move ups because you will not need to repurchase the hair.

Tape extensions are available in 16” and 20” lengths and in a variety of colours.

Ben Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill VaughanBen Secrets Ombre Hair Extensions Thornhill Vaughan


Hair extensions do require some tender love and care on your part, after you have left the salon with your thick, luscious hair. We will provide you with after-care instructions after your appointment and we do have after-care products available in our salon for you to bring home with you.

You need to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that is safe for hair extensions. Never pull at your extensions when washing your hair. When conditioning your hair, do not apply conditioner directly to the bonds. Hair extensions also need to be gently, but thoroughly detangled and brushed in order to preserve their condition. Use a leave-in conditioner on the ends to help you.

Ben Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill Vaughan

We always recommend a heat protector when styling your hair extensions. Never apply a flat iron or curling iron directly to your bonds. This could cause the bonds to melt.

We also recommend using a satin or silk pillowcase when sleeping to prevent tangling and knotting in your hair. Loosely braiding your hair for bed time will also prevent tangling.

Hair extensions can also be toned or coloured darker, but they cannot be bleached or lightened. If you are considering a colour transformation in your own hair, we always recommend having your hair coloured first and then matching your extensions to your hair.

Do not pull out your own extensions at home, this could cause damage to your natural hair. We offer extension removal services in salon to carefully and safely remove your extensions, using a solution that will make the removal a gentle process.

Ben Secrets Blonde Hair Extensions Thornhill Vaughan

Complimentary Consultations

During your hair extension consultation, we will want to find out from you about the look you are aiming for, your lifestyle (e.g. do you tie up your hair a lot?), and the condition of your natural hair in order to match the perfect colour, length and placement pattern for your extensions.

Generally, the longer and thicker you want your hair to be, the more extensions you will need. Sparse ends and thick roots make the hair look less natural. Hair looks more natural when it is full throughout. The most popular set of hair extensions is the Classic set (100g of hair).

We offer complimentary consultations for our hair extension service, and we have fantastic packages that include the cost of the hair and installation all in one! We require a 50% non-refundable deposit when booking your extension installation, but there is no charge to book and come in for your consultation.

We also provide a complimentary after-care kit with the purchase and installation of a full head of hair extensions (Classic set or more – 100-150g of hair). This kit includes a mini shampoo and conditioner, extension detangling brush, detangling comb, 2 different gentle hair ties, satin pillow case, after-care instructions, and hair braiding instructions.

You can find a complete list of our extension and hair services HERE


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