How Can an RMT Massage at Ben Secrets Help You?

Ben Secrets Studio is excited to offer RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) massages in our spa.

Massage is for your mind

Massages provide a myriad of mental benefits. Massages are extremely relaxing and can help to alleviate stress. Stress is reduced during massages through systemic sedation. The level of stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine are decreased while the levels of feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine are increased, resulting in the alleviation of depression. After a massage, you will feel that your mood has drastically improved!

Massages can also help treat insomnia by improving the quantity and quality of your sleep. You may even find yourself dozing off during your relaxing massage and awaking refreshed!

Massages can sharpen and enhance your mental focus. They can be an integral part of a routine to treat lethargy. Your energy flow and biomagnetic field pattern can improve from massage.

Massage is for your muscles, tendons and joints

However, massages can do a lot more than just help you to relax! With our trained and experienced RMTs, you can have many issues related to muscle tension treated with therapeutic techniques and more firm pressure.

For example, did you know that massages can decrease scarring and break up cellulite underneath the skin through rolling techniques?

RMT Registered Massage Therapy Ben Secrets Salon Spa

If you are experiencing decreased mobility of skin and superficial and deep fascia, with a massage fascia can be lengthened and separated. Massage can increase the connectivity of impaired tissue and increase overall tissue mobility.

Massage improves circulation by increasing arterial supply, increasing venous return, decreasing blood pressure, increasing lymphatic return, and decreasing edema.

Those suffering from inflammation of joint capsules or ligaments can benefit from decreased signs of inflammation. Massages will increase your joint mobility, joint integrity and your voluntary range of motion. Massage also promotes the healing of tendons. Massage decreases swelling by decreasing joint effusion. Muscle extensibility and resiliency will improve with massages. Overall, massages promote more easy and efficient movement.

Do you spend a lot of time standing or hunched over a desk? Massages can address issues with your posture by addressing postural malalignment and lead to postural awareness.

Do back, joint and muscle pain keep you awake at night or cause you misery during the day? Massages play an integral role in alleviating pain. Massage decreases muscle spasms. Trigger point activity will decrease, which results in pain reduction. Massages also result in systemic sedation, resulting in the decreased perception of pain.

For those who participate in sports, massage will enhance your muscles’ performance by enhancing muscle extensibility, reducing pain, reducing muscle spasms, reducing resting tension, enhancing joint mobility, normalizing joint integrity, and reducing trigger point activity. Massages can both prevent and treat sports injuries.

RMT Registered Massage Therapy Ben Secrets Salon Spa

Massage is for your vital organs

Massage even has pulmonary benefits, including increasing respiration and gaseous exchange, increasing airway clearance and decreasing dyspnea (difficult breathing).

Massage can also improve gastrointestinal issues by stimulating peristalsis (movements that aid the passing of contents in your intestinal tract).

Children and infants suffering from failure to thrive can also benefit from massages through the promotion of weight gain and stimulation to the vagus nerve, the longest of the cranial nerves that is connected to the organs of your chest and abdomen (including your heart, lungs and upper digestive tract).

Come in to see us

No matter what mental and physical condition you may be suffering from, your RMT at Ben Secrets Studio is here to provide you with relief from the troubles you are experiencing.

We will happily always provide you with a receipt for your insurance company with each and every massage appointment.

We kind ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your massage appointment to enjoy a warm beverage and to begin completing your medical history information and your consultation process. During your consultation, your RMT would like to find out which concerns/conditions/issues you would like to have addressed and will gladly recommend the best massage and treatment plan to suit your needs.


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