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Ben Secrets Hair Studio & Spa Olaplex

Olaplex has taken the hair world by storm! But what is it and how is it different than other hair treatments?

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a bond-multiplying hair treatment that repairs and protects your hair from chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. It is a system comprised of various parts – a professional system of the treatment for salon use and a take-home version of the treatment for you to maintain the condition of your hair in between your regular salon visits.

Olaplex blew the hair world away because of its bond-building properties. It contains a patented active ingredient that hunts down broken bonds at the molecular level to restore compromised hair. The professional treatment is combined with colour to prevent damage during chemical processes. Let’s dive deeper into the different components of the Olaplex treatment system!

Olaplex No. 1

Ben Secrets Hair Studio & Spa Olaplex

This concentrated first product in the professional-use Olaplex system is a bond multiplier that can be mixed into colour and bleach. It rebuilds broken disulfide bonds in the hair and prevents further breakage and damage during the chemical process. Your hair stylist at Ben Secrets Hair Studio will mix this part of the treatment into your colour bowl.

Olaplex No. 2

Ben Secrets Hair Studio & Spa Olaplex

The second part in the professional-use Olapex system is a bond perfector. It is applied at the hair basin after all colour or lightener has been rinsed and prior to shampooing and conditioning. This step rebuilds and restores any compromised and broken bonds and leaves your hair stronger, healthier and shinier.

Olaplex No. 3

Ben Secrets Hair Studio & Spa Olaplex

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Olaplex No. 3 is the take-home version of the Olaplex treatment. It is not a typical conditioner – it is a bond builder!

If your hair is very damaged, you will want to use this treatment 2 to 3 times per week. As the condition of your hair improves, you can reduce the usage to once per week. This treatment should be applied from scalp to ends on damp towel-dried hair, left for 10 minutes, rinsed and then followed by shampoo and conditioner as usual.

Who can Benefit from Olaplex?

Anyone considering lightening their hair (bleach process, highlights, balayage, ombre or high fashion colour) can reap the benefits of the preventative actions of the Olaplex treatment.

Those who already have sensitized hair from previous chemical services should use the treatment during their next salon appointments to prevent any further damage during chemical treatments or thermal styling.

Olaplex is definitely a helpful product during a hair transformation process; however, it does not mean that you can go from a level 1 black to level 10 blonde in 1 quick session. Olaplex is here to help prevent damage and breakage, but you still need to be reasonable with and respect your hair. Anything you try to rush or do dramatically can still cause damage to your hair. As Guy Tang put it, consider Olaplex like a seatbelt in your car. If you get in a collision, it can protect you and potentially save your life. But if you decide to drive your car off a cliff, the results will be devastating. Treat your hair and Olaplex with the same consideration.

Other Uses for Olaplex

You don’t need to be doing a colour or chemical service to have an Olaplex treatment. The Olaplex treatment can be performed at our shampoo basins as a fantastic stand-alone repairing treatment for anyone looking to mend their hair. Both Olaplex parts No. 1 and 2 will be applied for you, so you still receive the entire treatment.

Olaplex can also be applied to your hair before a keratin or perm to protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron and any chemicals in the texturizing services. This will leave your hair extra shiny and soft!

Olé for Olpalex!

Ask us about how Olaplex can help repair your hair during your next visit to our salon! Consultations are always complimentary.


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