Panacée - Your Anti-Aging Dream Cream

7 years in the making, Panacée is Phyt’s all natural Global Anti-Aging cream for skin that looks younger and is protected against the visible effects of aging!

Phyt's Panacée Anti Aging Cream Ben Secrets Thornhill Vaughan

If you are too busy to use an eye and lip contour cream, serum, AND moisturizer, you can count on the Panacée to be your go-to all-in-one for both day and night. Truly revolutionary! You will save time, bathroom space and some room in your budget while pampering your skin with a luxurious product.

Where does the name Panacée come from?

“Panakos” comes from Greek origin. “Pan” means “everything” and “akos” means “cure”.

“Panacea” is the name of a Greek goddess and it also refers to a remedy that can cure all diseases.

From these concepts, the name “Panacée” was chosen to for this global anti-aging treatment cream that fights all signs of aging.

How is this treatment Global?

This is a global anti-aging cream because it combats all the signs of aging:

  • It strengthens the antioxidant defenses of the skin
  • It prevents the formation of wrinkles
  • It improves the skin’s tones through its firming and smoothing actions
  • The appearance of pigment spots is reduced and the complexion is lightened and more radiant
  • Your skin is hydrated, nourished and smoothed
  • Cell renewal is boosted

How does it work?

The active ingredients in the Panacée cream, which are derived from natural origins, power this cream with its fantastic abilities.

Edelweiss and Rosemary for Antioxidant Defenses

Phyt's Panacée Fleur Edelweiss Ben Secrets Thornhill Vaughan

Due to its ability to live in extreme conditions, Edelweiss has highly incredible antioxidant properties. Its high radical protective factor is leprosy acid. Leprosy acid reduces certain markers of oxidative stress.

Rosemary contains carnosic acid as its powerful antioxidant, which delays the oxidation of lipids.

Acmella, Rye & Brown Algae for anti-wrinkle actionsPanacée Anti Aging Ben Secrets Thornhill Vaughan

Acmella contains Spilanthol, which produces a myo-relaxing action. This decreases your skin’s micro-contractions. It is these micro-contractions that forms and aggravates wrinkles. With Acmella, your expression lines are reduced and your skin is visibly smoothed.

Rye has been proven to limit the number of wrinkles and reduce their length and surface. Rye extract also stimulates supporting connective tissue in your skin, which improves your skin’s resistance and provides natural lifting properties.

Brown algae extract stimulates collagen synthesis, improves your skin’s hydration and provides your skin with a smoother appearance.

Punarnava for lightening action

Punarnava extract regulates melanin synthesis. Boeravinones B is the active ingredient in its roots, which has depigmenting properties and ant-stain actions. Tyrosinase, the key enzyme regulating melanin synthesis, is reduced. Melanin is prevented from transferring to keratinocytes. Therefore, the accumulation of pigment is reduced and pigmentation is unified.

Aloe Vera and Adenosine for Skin Balance

The Panacée cream forms a film to reinforce your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, maintain hydration and reduce feelings of discomfort.

Aloe Vera has soothing properties.

Adenosine molecules stimulate cell renewal and promotes the flexibility of your skin, leaving skin that is less rough and providing and anti-wrinkle action.

Proven Results!

The Panacée Global Anti-Aging cream is natural, but effective.

Laboratory Test

Instrumental tests performed on 20 women aged 45-70 after 28 days of use showed:

  • 51% reduction in the number of wrinkles
  • 56% reduction in the total area of wrinkles
  • 57% reduction in the length of wrinkles

In addition, skin showed a 59% improvement in hydration after 3 hours of application.

These instrumental tests were performed in a specialized laboratory that only performs cosmetic tests.

Phyt's Panacée Stats Ben Secrets Thornhill Vaughan


A panel test performed on 20 women aged 45-70 after 28 days of use resulted in the following self-reported satisfaction rates:

  • 71% said their features were smoother
  • 76% said their skin was firmer and unified
  • 95% said their skin was nourished and hydrated.

How do you use Panacée?

To save yourself from having to use several products in a time-consuming skin regiment, simply apply your Panacée cream morning and evening on your entire face and neck while smoothing from the inside to the outside.

100% of the ingredients in the Panacée cream are from natural origin and 49% are from organic farming.

Don’t have time to come pick up your Panacée cream? No problem, you can order it while wearing your pyjamas right here.

Phyt's Panacée Anti Aging Cream Ben Secrets Thornhill Vaughan


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