Saryna Key Shea Repair Butter

Now available in salon – Saryna Key’s Repair Butter!

What is it?

It’s a fantastic hair treatment for damaged hair, available both in regular and light formulations for coarse and fine hair textures.

This magical butter is specifically designed for dry, frizzy and weakened hair.

The active ingredients from the Shea Nut treat, repair and restore the hair from root to tip. The high concentrations of shea butter available in this mask provide Vitamins A, E and F, amino acids and keratin (protein) to strengthen your hair fibres. Your hair will be restored, supply and shiny!

Saryna Key Damage Repair Shea Butter Mask Treatment

Why we LOVE it:

If you have a hard time detangling and brushing out your hair, after using this butter, you will find that your brush and/or comb glide through it much more easily.

This butter also works wonders on hair that is very dry, porous and sensitized from bleaching or lightening. It provides powerful nourishment to actually improve the tangible feel of your hair, for hair that is softer and more manageable!

Ask us about it during your next hair service! You will fall in love with it!

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