Say Bye Bye to your Comedones with Extractions at Ben Secrets Studio!

All our facial treatments at Ben Secrets Studio include any necessary extractions!

Many people have had bad experiences with extractions, either at other spas or when attempting extractions at home by themselves.

Here at Ben Secrets Studio, our extractions are always performed professionally and gently with the aid of a natural anti-comedone specific serum from Phyt’s. Finger pressure without any scratching from nails or metal implements is utilized to removed congestion in your pores. This means no scarring, because the skin is not pierced or scratched. Extractions can be performed gently with just the use soft finger mitts carefully wrapped by your skin care expert.

Prior to extractions, your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated in order to remove pore-clogging skin cells. The Phyt’s Lotion Peaux Grasses, which is available exclusively to professional Phyt’s Naturo-Beauticians, will then be applied to facilitate manual extractions. You may experience a pleasant but slight tingling sensation. This serum contains copper, rosemary and thyme to purify the skin and potassium for hydration balance.

Post extractions, Phyts Naturoderm Phyto-Complex will be applied to soothe the skin and close pores. This is a purifying product with calming effects. Mallow extract and lavender essential oil soothe. Oregano and clove essential oils purify. Sage essential oil and Bugrane extract contain astringent properties. St John Wort regenerates the skin.

We know that it can be very difficult to resist the urge to pick and squeeze on your own at home. However, this is something you definitely should be leaving to a professional Naturo-Beautician in our spa, using professional natural products that facilitate extractions.

Consequences of trying to squeeze and pop your imperfections at home include:

  • Acne that can get worse if you end up pushing the contents of your blemishes deeper into your skin.
  • Infections due to bacterial introduction into your skin if your nails or fingers are not clean.
  • Scarring caused by improper extraction techniques.

Come into see our Nature-Beauticians at Ben Secrets Studio for your facial treatments with safe, professional extractions. You will love the difference you see and feel in your skin!


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