What are Highlights?

Highlights are a technique of adding dimension and contrast to the hair by introducing strands of lighter hair. Highlights, sometimes referred to as “streaks” in the past, are lighter, thin sections of hair placed within or on top of a base colour.

Ben Secrets Salon Spa Highlights Thornhill & VaughanBen Secrets Salon Spa Highlights Thornhill & VaughanBen Secrets Salon Spa Highlights Thornhill & VaughanBen Secrets Salon Spa Highlights Thornhill & Vaughan

How is the highlighting technique performed?

Lightener or high-lifting hair colour is applied to a woven or sliced strand of your hair which is resting on top of a sheet of foil. The foil is then wrapped tightly and securely around your strand of hair. Natural heat from your head is transferred through the foil to help your hair lighten more evenly and to a lighter level than could be achieved with hair colour alone. Depending on the look that you want, your colour specialist at Ben Secrets Studio will section your hair and place your foils in the most appropriate way. If needed, once the foils are removed from your hair and the lightener is washed out thoroughly, a toner may be used to get you the desired shade.

But Aren’t Highlights Becoming Outdated?

Some people argue that balayage and ombre will come to completely replace highlights. However, highlights are very versatile. They can be thick or thin, placed far apart or placed very close together. You can also have peek-a-boos with just a hint of a colour here and there. Bright or funky, high-fashion colours are often applied as peek-a-boos. Highlights can be blonde or reddish in tone or even a lighter shade of brunette. They do not have to be blonde strands on top of a dark base. The shade and tones of the highlights and base colour can vary depending on your personal preference, and what is realistic for and compliments your hair.

 Highlights, when performed professionally and correctly, do not have a patchy or “streaky” effect. They can be blended quite nicely. If your highlights have a blotchy or bleeding look, it means they were done incorrectly.

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