Why does Ben Secrets Studio Carry Phyt’s Skincare?

There are so many professional skin care product lines to choose from, each with their feature signature or ingredient that distinguishes them from other lines.

We just wanted to take a few moments to explain to you why we chose to carry and use Phyt’s in our spa at Ben Secrets Studio. What is so special about this line and why do we believe in it? Phyt’s is so unique because their products are purely and genuinely natural!

Phyt's Skincare Ben Secrets Salon and Spa

Where is Phyt’s From?

Phyt’s Naturo-Esthetique was established in France in 1972 and continues to be 100% made in France. Phyt’s was founded by John Paul Llopart, a biologist naturopath, and Rosanne Verlé, a beautician. Over 50 years, Phyt’s has perfected their natural product line.

In 2004, biologist Thierry Logre (now Phyt’s CEO), joined Phyt’s and brought their Research and Development to the next level, resulting in fantastic product innovation and international development.

Phyt’s obtained their Cosmebio certification from the European Union, meaning that they are a certified ‘clean’ company, containing organic ingredients and with an ethical approach to cosmetics.

Phyt's Skincare Ben Secrets Salon and Spa

What is NOT in Phyt’s?

The best way for us to tell you about the high-quality ingredients in Phyt’s is by telling you what is not found in Phyt’s products. Phyt’s does not contain:

  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic ingredients (e.g. no processed lanolin)
  • Synthetic stabilizers (e.g. no PEG’s)
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Petrochemicals
  • Animal products (Phyt’s is a vegan product)
  • Animal testing (only human subjects)
  • GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)
What is in Phyt’s?

Everything in the composition of Phyt’s products comes from natural sources. The line is aromatherapeutic and an absolute “pleasure to use”, because its scents are derived from essential oils. Phyt’s does contain the following:

  • Certified Organic Ingredients (percentages provided on product boxes)
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium)
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E & P

Phyt's Skincare Ben Secrets Salon and Spa

Can Phyt’s Guarantee Their Ingredients?

It is very easy for a company to claim that they are natural or don’t contain certain ingredients, but how do they guarantee the manufacturing of each ingredient, especially if they are sourcing ingredients from third party producers?

Phyt’s proudly owns their own farming facilities. This means they know exactly which ingredients they are using, their composition and how they are grown or produced. They can actually guarantee that they do not contain ingredients, such as GMOs.


But How Can their Products Last without Synthetic Chemicals or Preservatives?

Phyt’s is the first company to introduce professional esthetic products that are not made with any types of chemical preservatives, conservatives and that do not require refrigeration.

We know what you’re thinking – how is it possible for any natural or organic product to have a shelf life without some sort of chemical(s) to preserve it? Does this sound too good to be true? Phyt’s has successfully crafted and packaged naturally-based skincare products through years of scientific research and development.

Phyt’s does use chemicals – but they are not synthetic – they are naturally derived.

Phyt’s professional products are heat preserved in glass vials, meaning they do not require refrigeration and last for years.

Phyt’s retail products have a guaranteed 3 month use after opening, but could last longer as long as they are closed immediately after use and are stored in a cool, dry environment (not in direct sunlight).

Can natural products work?

Even though all ingredients in Phyt’s products are naturally derived, they are highly effective.

Their efficacy can compete with synthetically produced products as well. For example, Phyt’s does produce their own naturally derived hyaluronic acid. It is vegetally derived and isolated through a complex process from aloe. Despite being naturally-based, it is a bioidentical form of hyaluronic acid.

Phyt’s also offers an effective certified organic “chemical” peel, which is sourced from cane sugar. It is an effective 30% glycolic peel with a pH of 2.9.

As an example, with Phyt’s Aromalliance Anti-Ageing line, skin is 76% more regenerated, 80% smoother and 90% more nourished*. You will see and feel wonderful improvements with your skin when you use Phyt’s at home and when you come in for professional skin treatments with our Naturo-Beauticians at Ben Secrets Studio.

What if I have allergies?

Allergies have become pervasive in our society. Many people face the challenge of having to avoid synthetic and natural ingredients in food and topical products to prevent both minor or severe reactions. Natural ingredients and essential oils sound amazing, but what about clients with nut or seed allergies?

Those who suffer from allergies can safely use Phyt’s products. The extraction of essential oil from nuts is cold pressed. Only the first press is used, meaning there are no elements of protein in the oils to have an allergic reaction to.

What if I’m pregnant?

Essential oils are known to be highly effective and can be too strong if not formulated correctly.

However, Phyt’s products are completely safe during pregnancy. Their concentration of essential oils is not harming to the system.

As you can see, Phyt’s truly is a safe natural skin care line accessible for all. That is the magic of Phyt’s! They are guaranteed natural and we have a product line and professional Phyt’s treatment here at Ben Secrets Studio that is perfect for you!

Call us today to book a signature Phyt’s skin care treatment with our Naturo-Beauticians at (905)597-8999. Consultations and skin analyses are always complimentary!

*based on a study with 20 participants.


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