Keraplant Nature

Keraplant Nature Anti Dandruff Shampoo


Treatment suitable for alleviating itching and irritation from the scalp and to eliminate unsightly flaking. Specially for normalising cell renewal.

The treatment is composed of:

Anti-dandruff PEELING*, DETOXIFYING MUD**, Anti-dandruff ESSENTIAL OIL, Anti-dandruff SHAMPOO and anti-dandruff LOTION.

*for Dry Dandruff **for Oily Dandruff

The range is completely free from PARABENS and COLORANTS, with certified natural fragrances enriched with African pepper, phytopure, piroctone olamine and ginseng extract, α-bisabolol, and the essential oils of carrot, rosemary, geranium, lavender and sweet orange.



Extract of African Pepper

It is obtained from the Aframomum Melegueta plant, from the Zingiberaceae family, native to tropical western Africa. The extract contains actives from the ginger family (6-gingerol, 6-paradol and 6-shoagol) and an essential oil with anti-bacterial properties. It calms and revitalises the scalp, as well as protecting it from oxidative stress.


It is a natural complex obtained from the roots of three plants: Buchu, a plant from South Africa traditionally used as a diuretic and antiseptic; Alcanna, a plant from subtropical regions used as an astringent; Venus hair fern, a small fern from the south of France, known for its emollient properties. It is a plant synergy against dandruff. It soothes, calms and disinfects the scalp.

Piroctone Olamine

It is an active principle highly used in anti-dandruff treatments, thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti microbial action.

Salicylic Acid

Together with piroctone olamine, it is a synergic complex against dandruff.

Ginseng Extract

It has important toning and regenerating properties. It combats free radicals, which are the cause of weakening the papilla, and it reduces stress.


A derivative of chamomile with soothing and skin-calming properties, obtained by distilling essential oil of chamomile. It has healing and anti inflammatory properties, and is highly soothing for skin irritations, performing also an anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic action.

Essential Oil of Rosemary

Obtained from Rosmarinus Officinalis, a plant from the Labiatae family, it is particularly appreciated for its stimulating and purifying properties. It also has astringent properties on the skin with a toning, antiseptic and purifying effect. It stimulates circulation, promoting oxygenation of the tissue and hair regrowth.

Essential Oil of Carrot

Obtained from the seeds and green parts of the wild carrot. It is an excellent nutrient, rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A, C, B1 and B2 and in essential fatty acids. It has outstanding draining properties. In fact, it helps the lymphatic system to remove toxins and it stimulates circulation. As a detoxificant, it acts on the liver, removing toxic residues from the body, such as heavy metals or waste substances, not to mention also medicine residues and derivatives from a bad diet. It is excellent for caring for skin and hair that need deep-down nourishment. It reduces skin inflammation and improves eczema, dermatitis, ulcers, psoriasis and sores. It is obtained by steam distillation of the seeds and green parts.

Essential Oil of Geranium

Obtained from Pelargonium graveolens, a plant from the Geraniaceae family, it performs a rebalancing and toning action.

Essential Oil of Lavender

It is obtained from Lavandula Angustifolia, a plant from the Labiatae family. It performs a rebalancing action on the central nervous system. Essential oil of lavender can be used on all hair types, as it promotes growth, moisturises and prevents split ends. Besides alleviating redness and itching of the scalp, it makes hair shiny and has an anti-dandruff effect. It is particularly suitable for cases of oily dandruff, can combat scalp irritations and rebalance excess sebum. It is useful against bacteria and funguses and can thus help keep the scalp clean and disinfected. It is obtained by steam distillation of the plant tips.

Essential Oil of Sweet Orange

Obtained from Citrus sinensis dulcis, a plant from the Rutaceae family, with an astringent and purifying action.

Directions for use: 

Apply the product directly onto a damp scalp (if the Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Mud and Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Essential Oil treatment has been carried out previously) or dry scalp, with a light massaging action. Leave to act for 3 minutes. Emulsify and rinse. Once you have shampooed the scalp, shampoo the lengths properly.

Comes in a 250ml bottle.

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